Terms and Conditions

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BOOKING ON REQUEST (Tours, Daily Excursions, Special Events, Weddings)



A deposit of 50% per person of the total amount is required at time of reservation. Your deposit is refundable until 180 days prior to departure minus $ 100.00 per person administrative fee. Between 90-180 days prior to departure deposit becomes non-refundable but transferable to another party or to another departure. Within 90 days of departure deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Reservations will not be considered confirmed until the above deposit is received. Contract must be signed and returned by fax to T&T Tour & Travel within 10 days of reservation or reservation will be cancelled. The balance is due not later than ninety (90) days before departure. See "Cancellations" below for our cancellation policy at 90 days or less prior to departure.


In case of any appreciable variation in its costs, T&T Tour & Travel reserves the right to adjust its rates. Tour prices do not include personal items such as laundry, telephone calls, bar bills or any expense of a personal nature. No refund will be made for any accommodations or services included in the tour that you do not use. In the case of computer or human billing error, T&T Tour & Travel reserves the right to re-invoice participants with corrected billing.


We accepted payment with every credit card. Reservation is confirmed only when the transaction is approved and validated.


All hotel taxes and any other type of tax or charge imposed for land travel are included in tour prices.


We have the right at our discretion, to alter the itinerary, substitute portions of the sightseeing, hotels, restaurants or other accommodations. The hotels listed in the tour description will be used on almost all departures. If a change becomes necessary for any reason, the hotel substituted will be reasonably equivalent to those indicated.


During national or local holidays in , certain facilities such as museums, restaurants, archeological sites and stores may be closed. In such instances and whenever possible, itinerary adjustments may be made by T&T Tour & Travel in an effort to minimize inconveniences to tour members. Holidays, closing days and other circumstances may change the day of the week for sightseeing and other activities.


Citizens must present a valid passport. Non citizens may to meet other travel requirements which tour members should discuss with the appropriate governmental authorities.


Be clearly advised that from time to time a tour departure may be cancelled for lack of participants or otherwise. In such case, participants will be notified of cancellation at least 30 days prior to departure date and T&T Tour & Travel’s sole responsibility is to provide a refund of all sums paid to T&T Tour & Travel.


We reserve the right in our sole discretion, acting in good faith, to decline to accept any individual for a tour or to require any individual to withdraw from any tour. Should we require an individual to withdraw, the individual is entitled to a full reimbursement of all payments, including deposit, made to T&T Tour & Travel prior to that date. To the extent an individual required to withdraw has made air travel and/or other land travel arrangements independent of T&T Tour & Travel, we shall not be responsible for reimbursement of any losses attributable to the required withdraw.


T&T Tour & Travel is affiliated with an important world known insurance Company (Europ Assistance). The insurance includes medical and luggage coverage only on Italian Territory


Your right to receive a land tour refund is limited. All cancellations and refund requests must be sent to us in writing. You are entitled to a refund of your final payment only if T&T Tour & Travel receives your written cancellation and refund request 90 days prior to departure. T&T Tour & Travel can make no land tour refunds, including deposits, within 90 days of departure.

Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.


The tour member understands that he or she has no claim against T&T Tour & Travel for any delay or damage or loss of property or baggage or injury or death of persons due to any negligent or wilful act of a direct air carrier, hotel, ground transportation company, cruise company, railroad or service company of any kind, or any other person or persons rendering any of the services being offered in connection with these tours. Further T&T Tour & Travel advises that it has no ownership interest whatsoever in any hotel, ground transportation company or service company of any kind: you may see the name "T&T TOUR & TRAVEL" affixed to motor vehicles, on signs around the airports, hotel or elsewhere. This use of our name is purely for reasons of identification and does not denote ownership, supervision or control by T&T Tour & Travel in any way.


Additional information regarding the price, itinerary and other specific terms and conditions of your designated tour are in the T&T Tour & Travel tour description and are considered a part of this contract.


You understand and agree that no claims will be considered and that you will not bring suit against T&T Tour & Travel unless you have first provided a typewritten notice of claim to:


within 30 days after the tour or cancellation of the tour.


BOOKING ON LINE ( Hotels , Transfers, Apartments, Villas)


We ask you all to carefully read the presented operative procedures and possibly up-date and assure yourselves that these things are always observed during the use of the system. Abuses will not be accepted, for example the subdivision of groups into more reservations. In the case in which T&T Tour & Travel notices diverse practices with identical characteristics (date, destination and hotel) referring to a group, it reserves the right to cancel them or modify the conditions of cancellation, penalties and payment deadlines that regard the groups. The reservations are accepted from T&T Tour & Travel on the basis of "Good Faith"; it will not be permitted to hold spaces from successively reselling, resulting in cancellation. All of the information(written or in images) presented on the website are exclusive property of T&T Tour & Travel and they cannot be copied, printed or spread to a third party if not upon authorization of the same. All of the information notes on the hotels and pictures are accurate, nevertheless we cannot retain responsibilities in any way if sometimes the results are inaccurate or incomplete. For your protection, T&T Tour & Travel will not accept direct communications with your clients by phone, fax or e-mail. It will be our responsibility to immediately inform you if this occurs. Your company will be totally responsible for the payment of the bookings implemented through our website.

Our booking system can be only used for the individual customers. The reservations make provisions for a maximum of nine people sorted out into single, double, triple, or quadruple rooms or for a maximum of five people sorted out into single rooms.



We reserve the right to change the price after confirmation has occurred only in the case of varied taxes, VAT(valued added tax) or other conditions outside of our control, as fluctuations change higher than 3%, modification of the fair periods aside from the hotels and the like. Some reservations may be confirmed at a price with the commission already included, which means it is the official price or rack rate.  

The prices are final at the act of confirmation. The booking will be turned over for the total amount confirmed on the system.




During fair periods our prices may be closer to those rack rates of the hotels. We advise informing the client that the price paid may sometimes be higher than that portrayed by the hotel, to avoid dispute. Occasionally you may be asked for the prepayment of the entire stay. If such prepayment should not reach us within the dates discussed, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without issuing further warnings.

In the case in which we received an invoice from the hotels with your voucher enclosed in which appears more nights than the system confirmed, we will send your invoice for the additional nights.

The system permits you to issue vouchers relative to your reservations: they could be personalized with your company logo (for information call the regional office). In any case where the system makes errors, T&T Tour & Travel will hold itself responsible. You may continue to issue your vouchers keeping details unchanged from that issued automatically by the system, mentioning the supplier's name that will provide the payment for the room. All the payments for extras are to be collected from the client.



Other clauses regarding failed arrivals are indicated in the sections "Cancellations" and "Procedure Operative".

In case of a "no-show" an invoice will be issued only for the first night of stay unused or for the charge asked from the hotel with the reservation. If the client should appear in successive periods to that reservation and the data error is charged to your office, an invoice will be issued for the no-show plus another invoice for the new stay.



Cancellations after the deadline will results in an invoice for the charges applied to our company. If a client cancels directly from a hotel, at the end obtaining the repayment should produce a written documentation that permits fixing the data of cancellation, name and last name of the employee of the hotel that received it and a written confirmation from part of the hotel where the cancellation occurred and availability to carry out the repayment. Failing to produce such documentation will not permit the repayment of anything. Also in the case in which the hotel communicates by writing to the client that no one charged will be presented to T&T Tour & Travel, we reserve the right to apply a penalty equal to one night lacking what we worked out together. During particular periods (world fairs, congress or events), the terms of cancellation could be different from those standard. Pay attention to those unusual cases.

The reservations will be cancelled directly on the website and they will usually have the terms of cancellation show in the reservation:




In no circumstance may someone disclose the prices, terms and conditions published on our website, if it doesn't personally apply to your company. We reserve the right to interrupt every work relationship, with consequences of the cancellation based on your practices, if we should recognize a misuse as such.




The payment of the invoice must agree with the Contract of supply from you signed with our company.




T&T Tour & Travel functions as an intermediary. We will not be held responsible for any damage that could derive to the clients from catastrophic events, floods, earthquakes and all those situations and conditions that cannot be linked to our company as acts of negligence.



If the client leaves the hotel before the pre-decided date, an invoice will be issued for the full stay and if the hotel confirms a reduction, it will be our job to issue a credit note for the amount to refund. We suggest that the client, before leaving the hotel, ask for a written declaration that states the exact date in which the stay was terminated and it's availability to carry out the refund.

In a case of disputes or protests, the complaint should come to us written in the best way possible within twenty days of the last day of the occupancy. After this deadline nothing else will be taken into consideration.
Disputes will not be accepted relating to discounted rates or hotel promotions in forced on the arrival of the client, why they could not have been communicated to our company or not entered in the contracts provided by T&T Tour & Travel.







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Insurance Guarantee
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Insurance coverage
When buying a tailor-made trip / package proposed by T & T Tour & Travel, the consumer is required to open an insurance policy to cover expenses deriving from the possible cancellation of the trip, as well as from medical treatment for accidents and illnesses, from theft and / or damage to baggage, to repatriation for early return in the event of serious accidents or illnesses or those of close relatives. The consumer can choose whether to sign the travel policy proposed by T & T Tour & Travel or provide written proof of previous ignition of similar policy with the same subject and similar performance.